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Power Mixer-PM

Powder coated/zinc plated/chrome plated

This is the description of Power Mixer-PM
Item No.  Disk Size   Shaft Length Pack  G.W.(kg)  Meas(cm)   20'FCL 
PM-2075S  3.1''/80mm  15''/38cm  5 42x25x10  7200
PM-2075D  3.1''/80mm  20''/52cm  57x25x10  7080
PM-2080S  4.0''/100mm  19''/48cm  5.5  52x31x12.5  9120
PM-2090B  8.25''/210mm  30''/77cm  24  19  79x23x44  8688

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Power Mixer-PM

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