Application of scissor hydraulic lift in thick foil shearing

2017-07-20 16:30:48

1 Overview and aluminum alloy foil for longitudinal shearing, and the shearing of the strip to carry out the finishing equipment. The main components are storage rack, loading trolley, uncoiler, shearing machine, winding machine, which is responsible for unloading the blanket on the empty sleeve unloaded and moved out of the unit, while the material from the storage rack To the uncoiler. In order to improve the working efficiency of the loading trolley, the function of feeding and unloading the sleeve is carried out by two parts, and the material is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to drive the pallet plate directly. The unloading sleeve adopts the scissor hydraulic lift platform. Small size, with folding function, smooth operation, easy to operate.
2 scissor hydraulic lift structure and movement of the principle of scissor hydraulic lift structure as shown, the body mainly by the base 1, the hinge plate 2 and 5, the cylinder head arm 3, cylinder 4, table 6, Arm 7, rollers 8 and 9. The hinge plate 5 rotates about the hinge plate 5 about the hinge plate 5, and the hinge plate 5 rotates about the hinge plate 5 about the hinge plate 5, Slide the left and right sides of the slide. At the same time, the hinge plate 5 drives the hinge plate 2 through the O-point so as to rotate about the hinge shaft fixed to the base 1, and the rollers 8 are scrolled left and right on the chute of the mesa 6 and move relative through the tripod plate, So that the table 6 rises and falls. The actual design, according to the lifting platform size and height of the structural design, according to the lifting load to determine the lift cylinder parameters, and calculate the nominal pressure, lifting speed controlled by the hydraulic system.
3 scissor hydraulic lift platform in the application of thick foil shear 3.1 scissor hydraulic lift the structure of the design of the thick foil shears the material in addition to the volume from the storage rack to open the volume of Shaanxi Defense Industry Vocational and Technical College Research Fund (Gfy-11-12), the empty sleeve on the unwinder is also removed and removed from the unit.
Based on the overall design of the thick foil shears and the basic conditions of the user, we determined that the second function was achieved using a scissor hydraulic lift mechanism. The process parameters are as follows: maximum sleeve weight 600kg; sleeve lift height 1 closed height 350mm; platform size 2000mmX550mmX50mm. Scissor hydraulic lift structure design as shown.
3.2 Calculation of cylinder thrust As the mechanism is complex, for the force analysis, the mechanism is simplified, the motion diagram is drawn, and the two hinge plates are analyzed.
The hinge plate COD force as shown. By the force balance we can see that the cylinder thrust: the hinge plate AOB force as shown. By the balance of force, the cylinder thrust is: where: G for the lifting load, Na for the hinge plate elevation; for the cylinder elevation. From the formula (1), type (2) we can see that when the structural design is completed, the tank pushed: Li Huirong (1983-), male, Shaanxi Chengcheng, help, undergraduate, the main research direction for the mechanical design and manufacturing.
Force size and variable a relationship, and the smaller, the greater the thrust.
For the lifting platform, the maximum thrust occurs in the lifting platform closed position, according to the structural design, this time a = 8 °, / = 30 °, G = 6000N into the formula (1) calculated cylinder thrust = 19800N, consider the platform Weight, mechanism reliability and hydraulic system stability, to determine the cylinder diameter of <5100mm, the pressure of 7MPa when the output force of 43.82kN .4 Conclusion scissor hydraulic lift mechanism is complex and belongs to the plane linkage, lifting height With the table size, the length of the hinge plate associated with each other, if the design is not properly closed or too high height, or lifting height can not meet the requirements of the length and angle of the arm is not appropriate to affect the lifting force of the size, put one's oar in. In this paper, combined with the design process and practice of the lifting mechanism of the thick foil shearing sleeve, the following conclusions are drawn: (1) The position of the lifting point is the height of the hinge plate, , So as far as possible under the conditions allowed to increase the elevation angle a and a not less than 8 °.
(2) under the conditions allowed by the structure, the height of the cylinder when the height of the cylinder can choose a larger value, but not too large, or the highest position will appear dead point, the occurrence of motion interference.
(3) increase the length of the abutment and the angle of the sunroof 0, the cylinder thrust is reduced, but the cylinder stroke increases, so the design of the system pressure to allow the conditions, in order to save costs, can reduce the length of the arm Arm elevation angle 0. (4) can make the cylinder thrust reduction of the parameter changes will increase the height of the closure, so the design needs to be considered.
(5) After the completion of the structural design, in order to improve the reliability and safety of the organization, more than two times the safety factor to check the cylinder thrust.

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