China 's aerodynamic tools have five development trends forecast analysis

2017-10-11 09:12:59

    The number of shops engaged in pneumatic tools business in China is constantly rising, indicating that the pneumatic tool products have a superior market environment also has considerable prospects for development.

    First of all, because the pneumatic tool through the valve handle operation and adjust the control valve can be very simple, the speed range can provide more level of choice. Pneumatic tools are smaller in size and power compared to power tools. Pneumatic tools are more suitable for long periods of time without heat, and even if the compressed air engine is overloaded, it will return to normal operation once the load is released.

    Second, the pneumatic tools are more resistant to water and are more adaptable to poor or harsh environments than other tools in terms of environmental suitability. Later, compared to the power tools, pneumatic tools, Caulking Gun the initial investment is relatively large, but long-term use in energy consumption and tool maintenance on the lower cost.

    With the continuous improvement of the degree of production automation, the rapid expansion of aerodynamic technology applications, pneumatic product specifications continue to increase, performance, quality continues to increase, steady growth in market sales. Pneumatic tool industry development prospects.

    There are five future development trend of pneumatic tools: First: miniaturization, integration. Because the limited development of limited space requirements of the aerodynamic components as small as possible, and integration can not only save space, but also conducive to the installation, maintenance and work of the reliability; Second, the combination of intelligent, precision; : The pace of automation is accelerating In order to improve productivity, high-speed pneumatic tools is an inevitable trend; Fourth: As people increasingly demanding, pneumatic tools without oil, tasteless, sterile function will be constantly developed; Is: energy saving, low power consumption is the subject of business.

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