Cotton wet mop

2017-06-19 09:53:36

The mop should come from a rag. When the ground to be cleaned for the soil, people probably just want to sweep the sun, may not want to wipe it. With the progress of productivity, changes in the living environment, need to be cleaned from the ground into the smooth wood, slate, the need to scrub the produce. Scrub the ground should be the first rag. Scrub the ground clean, and the operator's first question came - too tired. The problem is the source of inspiration, someone will install a long handle on the rag, oh, the difference between the world - the benefits to see, played a image of the name - "mop." The mop came to the world. To achieve the "upright walking."
The days are long and new problems are coming again. Mop of the working part - the mop head, itself also need to constantly clean. Mop the head of the cleaning on the operator's hand injury to rise to the need to solve the problem. So, the clever people, for the mop coupled with the "water" device and the "spin drying" device, which would have "wring dry mop" and "dry mop" to solve the untie hand put the mop head dehydrated problem.
With the continuous growth of the tree of science, the material used in the mop head is also increasingly wide, from the early cotton cloth, the development of non-woven fabrics, ultra-fine fibers, and even directly with a piece of plastic cotton (cotton mop). Glue cotton mop as a result of glue has a strong water absorption, and supporting a convenient squeeze device, and more suitable for cleaning the kitchen bathroom and other ground water.
The crank mop in the mop pole on the move from the brains, in the traditional straight bar, the installation of the crank parts, making the mop head on the ground movement more comfortable effort to solve the straight mop bent and garbage debris was Push the push can not be stored in the next problem, at the same time, shake the crank can also be a high-speed rotation of the mop to provide a thorough cleaning power.
Today, the function of the mop is constantly expanding, auxiliary equipment is also endless, showing a flourishing situation.

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