Decoration commonly used tools introduced

2017-08-23 12:20:23

Decoration construction process necessary to use the tool is very much, and the tools are constantly reforming, so, want to all the construction tools are all enumerated, it is unlikely that this article in accordance with the normal flow of construction, will be related to Some of the basic tools are introduced.
Tile Paving Tools Introduction
Home improvement process, after the completion of hydropower construction, tile and carpenter will be able to play, both at the same time playing. The second item of home improvement is the paving tiles. Here we have to look at the next tile tiles in the course of the necessary tools to use.
1, tiles and mortar loading container tiles in the shop before, according to the old case, it is necessary to soak in the water for some time to prevent the tiles in the pultrusion after the fall. The soaked container can be a bucket, or a larger pot. At the same time, but also prepared for cement mortar cement tank, to facilitate the construction.
2, tile cutting tools Tiles in the use of the former size are fixed, and in the actual paving process, the need to mediate the size and size, and the need to cut out the water pipes into the water pipes and drainage holes. So it is necessary to use the tile cutting tool. Xiaobian run the site, see the construction workers to use the cutting tool there are two, one is the electric cutting machine, the other is a manual cutting knife.
3, plastering tools in the paving tiles, the need to wear the mortar on the back of the average tile, this time it is necessary to wipe the mud knife this tool. For smear smoothing and so on. Wiping mud knife products more, masonry in the construction process may be common use, can also be a single choice.
4, flat leveling tool tile in the paving process, alignment leveling tool is a link. So despite the above mentioned, but here is still to show the tiles in the paving process to use the alignment leveling tool.
5, other tools: rubber hammer + plastic tile tiles paved to the wall, in order to make the mortar distribution more average, more stable wall, and to avoid the phenomenon of hollowing, it is necessary to use rubber hammer to tighten the tiles, The Other tiles paving necessary to stay seam, the normal use of a small plastic sheet in the tile between the separate, can effectively prevent the formation of tiles slippery away.
Wall painting and paving wallpaper tool introduction
Many people's wall decoration most commonly used two kinds of decoration system, one wall paint, Caulking Guns-Plastic material the second is paving wallpaper. Here to see the wall painting and paving wallpaper when you need to use what tools.
1, the wall of the lower treatment tool wall in the painted wall paint and paved before the wallpaper, are necessary to advance the disposal of the lower wall, metal power tools full of calm and calm. The tools used are usually covered with mud knife and some leveling tools.
2, wall painting tools commonly used wall brushing methods are three: brush, roller, spray. Decoration, in the balance of various types of brushing the way good or bad, in accordance with my hobbies choose the most consistent brushing way. So as to choose the response of the brushing tool. In addition, the wall paint construction process, the more commonly used to another color paper and sandpaper. Separation paper for the hardware and wood devices, the other, the need to spray the color of the paint, can also be used to separate. Sandpaper is used to polish the wall to reduce the wall brush marks, so that the wall more creamy.
Wallpaper Paving Tools Introduction
Wallpaper paving more simple, first of all need to brush on the wallpaper base film, the tools used to make roller brush or other tools. And then need to use a good amount of basic tools, with a wallpaper knife cut wallpaper. Then brush your wallpaper with a brush on the back of the wallpaper. Initially the wallpaper is attached to the wall.

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