Hardware tools for the best choice for continuous growth will be set up brand influence

2017-07-19 11:00:10

In recent years, hardware export tax rebate rate has been low, the RMB slips rise, and further reduced the profit margins of hardware tools. Second, the production of hardware tools by the original steel and other raw materials prices affected. The steel market is also invariable also lead to hardware tools to greatly increase the sale of harm. Hardware tools are mostly low-profit products, and the market is fierce, the same price increase is not possible. There are sellers frankly, the individual price increase is undoubtedly equal to the old customers to hand over. With the hardware tool market gradually intensified, how to link China Hardware Hardware Hardware can be a continuous growth trend, as many vendors have to face the problem. Therefore, the vast number of hardware tools manufacturers, vendors have increased their own brand R & D, sales efforts.
Hardware City in the hardware factory for many years Chen suggested that to establish the influence of the brand is the best choice for the continuous growth of hardware tools. Brand set up, quality first. No matter how excellent promotion strategy, are set up in the quality of the quality of the above. As long as the quality of the producers of the same product in order to win the customer's confidence. If you want to have a place in the market, improve the quality of the link. "Like this to the pliers, although more than the popular pliers to out of a dozen pieces, but its quality is better than the popular pliers, the implementation of three bags of the service is also comprehensive, consumers in the purchase, the general will choose this Kind of brand, good quality products.
After nearly 20 years of growth, the current hardware market hardware products have gradually formed a series of products, scale, brand, not only the type of specifications are available, the same quality and quality, and the introduction of the famous brand in the international market also has The inevitable cooperation. Such as the World, the eagle of the Indian, Cima and other countries in the table well-known brands have gathered here in this. Many vendors suggest that Hardware City hardware tools to be stable in the international market, another good to go. As a dealer, to settle the original market disadvantage, to consolidate the fundamentals of conservative hardware tools to speed up the development of new products, business management model to improve the scientific content of the product level, add value, set up their own brand, The product and the perfect service.
The person concerned, an industry in the initial period, the growth period to maturity, often into the fine growth stage. Hardware tools in the hardware city is a relatively mature industry, in such a rise in the demand, the operator will be to break the market to find out. Hardware tools have been due to our country in the original data prices and low labor costs and other disadvantages, in the international market has a larger share. Operators as Wang Xiao to leak; "As a once more mature industry, customers have a fixed supplier of normal, in order to grow new customers is not easy." In exports, the environment is not optimistic, "in recent years, The original material prices, tax rebate policy changes and the exchange rate rise and other elements of the impact of bad luck, hardware tools are gradually getting the original capital disadvantage, the customer is grim. "Visit, the introduction of the famous brand at the moment, many operators have started To the decomposition of the market growth, hardware tools sell down the trend is increasingly significant. From the big aspects, hardware tools are divided into manual tools, pneumatic tools, combination tools, auto insurance tools. Hand tools are divided into wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and so on. Pneumatic tools are also demolition demolition, cutting and so on. The hardware tool to break down the target is to make its market more targeted. In a wide variety of hardware tools, the high combination of beautiful tools and car vehicle tools are gradually becoming the new darling of people.

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