Insulated single ladder description

2017-07-28 17:55:45

Insulated single ladder using glass fiber, glass protective pad, alkali-free fiber, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, unsaturated resin, such as more than 30 kinds of chemical materials by high temperature polymerization, pultruded rectangular hollow structure profiles. The profile is in accordance with the principle of mechanical structure, bending resistance is strong, not easy to distort the deformation, ladder for the anti-skid design, ladder bang, ladder for the semi-penetrating connection, and the use of the whole round solid bar through the body reinforcement, , The overall connection is reliable and solid.

Insulation single ladder performance description
1, the ladder in line with GB17620-1998 standard. The same time as
2, the voltage level: 220KV. Note: if damp or lower.
So if the subject with a charged environment, please note:
A, in the transport, storage, do appropriate protection to prevent moisture or damage, reduce insulation performance. The same time as
B, always keep the ladder external clean and clean. The same time as
C, more than the production date of one year according to BGB17620-1998 standard awakened electrical performance testing. The same time as
3, allow the workload to: 100kg. The same time as

Insulation single ladder instructions
before use
1, each time you use the ladder, you must carefully check the ladder surface, spare parts, rope, etc. whether there is crack, serious wear and damage and damage. 2, the use of ladders should be selected hard, flat ground, to prevent the risk of side crooked. The same time as
3, check all the ladder feet are in good contact with the ground to prevent slippery. The same time as
4, if the ladder to use a height of more than 5 meters, be sure to set up the upper part of the ladder above the F8 cable. The same time as
5, dizziness, vertigo, drink or physical discomfort is strictly prohibited to use ladder. The same time as
6, in the door, the window around the work, you must first fixed doors and windows, so as not to open, close the door hit the ladder. The same time as
7, under the conditions of the use of ladder to be particularly careful or try not to use. The same time as
8, the correct use of the most suitable height of the ladder, never in the ladder up or down to add anything to increase the height. The same time as
9, without the permission of the manufacturer, the ladder will never attach any other structure, never use and repair damaged ladder. The same time as
10, ladder movements, the hand is strictly prohibited, to prevent cutting your fingers. The same time as

Insulated single ladder when used
1, absolutely prohibit the work load beyond the ladder. The same time as
2, ladder feet with anti-skid effect. But still need someone to hand directly to the ladder awakened to protect (while placing the ladder side crooked), and with the foot of the foot of the ladder to prevent the foot movement. The same time as
3, climbing ladder must wear flat shoes, so as not to slip accident. The same time as
4, when climbing ladder or work, always keep the body in the middle of the ladder bang, the body to maintain integrity, can not reach out, or you may be due to loss of balance and accidents. The same time as
5, when someone on the ladder, is strictly prohibited. The same time as
6, only one person to climb the ladder or on the ladder. The same time as

Insulated single ladder after use
If the work is done, wipe the ladder clean and place it in a dry place. In the premise of ensuring safety, the better the quality of the insulation ladder lighter weight. Because it is necessary to use higher performance raw and auxiliary materials, more advanced production technology, more scientific structure design in order to ensure the safety of the premise of reducing product weight. The use of lighter insulated ladder is more convenient.

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