Telescopic ladder

2017-06-05 14:21:33

Telescopic ladder
Telescopic ladder, the workers at work time to use more. It is because of its appearance, to bring a lot of convenience to the workers. Not only easy to use, when the storage is also very convenient. Stretch ladder according to different working conditions, the type is different.
Engineering Stretch
Engineering telescopic ladder is a heavy engineering ladder, the general length of 4 meters to 12 meters. Two-sided telescopic ladder with eight feet, of which there are four feet can be active. When the extension of the foot of the foot when the extension can be used independently, unlike the previous ladder also need to rely on the wall to use. This telescope saves the workers a lot of time. Especially when changing the lamp, it saves the tedious steps of the scaffolding, which greatly reduces the labor costs and construction time.
Bamboo stretch
Bamboo stretch legs are also called bamboo ladder. It is the biggest advantage is easy to carry, easy to use. This kind of bamboo ladder can be used when the elongation to 4 meters, shortened to reach 60 cm. The ladder on the ladder fire truck is also a kind of bamboo ladder.
Stretch ladder
① in the use of time to check whether the ladder is complete, there is no missing parts, check the ladder without cracks.
② Place the ladder on the ground is best to smooth, try not to have water somewhere, to prevent ladder slippery.
③ If the physical condition is not good, such as dizziness, vertigo is not suitable for the use of ladder. It is forbidden to use ladder after drinking.
④ strong wind conditions, try not to use the ladder, if you must use, next to the best someone to help.
Telescopic ladder with its ultra-light weight, high security and user-friendly design very popular with workers.

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